Testing outdoor advertising

Within a few weeks the Tropenmuseum will open it’s new exhibition about the Haitian religion ‘Vodou‘ (or voodoo). The passed few weeks were very busy for me. We were designing and planning our new campaign. Again we heavily focus on outdoor advertising in this new campaign. In a previous post I have written about criteria for designing good outdoor advertising. But next to those criteria I also use another way of testing the design. One of our main suppliers in the Netherlands, JCdecaux, offers a nice outdoor testing application called posterproof. You can upload your artwork and see how it works out on the street with different distances. In the examples below you see the new billboard design with a distance of 20 meters and 30 meters.

20 meters

30 meters

If you don’t have access to such a nice feature you can make one yourself too. Just make a few pictures with different distances of an outdoor sign you are planning to use. Then replace it with the design of your new exhibition, and voila you have a nice impression of how your outdoor advertisement works in the street. See the example I made here below.

An old Tropenmuseum campaign

The new Vodou campaign