My name is Dimitry van den Berg and I started this blog to discuss Marketing Theory for Museums. My posts will mostly contain basic and advanced marketing theory, book reviews and personal marketing learning experiences. I live in the Netherlands and worked for the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam as marketing director and I worked as head of marketing and programs at the Dolhuys, the national museum of psychiatry. At the moment, April 2013, I am writing about marketing and showing my evolving graphic design skills at my other website www.brainbulb.nl. I will maintain this site again and start writing about museum marketing as well. My aim is to publish a museum marketing book in the near future.

And why am I doing this? I have a passion for marketing theory and practice. I always wonder what motivates people to consume certain things and certain things not. Furthermore I have a master degree in economics and in the Cultural sector in the Netherlands you don’t find a lot of people with an economic degree. Most marketing staff in museums in the Netherlands are art-historians, anthropologist, or museologist. I hope that with my economical background I can bring some commercial and marketing sense into the Cultural world.

The marketing cases and exhibition reviews presented here will be about the Dutch market most of the time. I will write this blog in (cloggy) English because it is the lingua franca of the Internet. But since I am not a native speaker, I already apologize for all the grammar and spelling mistakes I will probably make.

Here you can find my Linkedin profile.

!!!Update April 2022: I just moved this website to a new hosting platform and updated the WordPress environment to something that resembles this age. Some articles hold up pretty well, as I say so myself.  Anyways I now work as a self-employed designer/artist you can visit my website at DimitryVandenBerg.com.