To be Vodoued (or Voodooed)

I have not posted in two weeks but I am very busy with the opening of our new exhibition called ‘Vodou, art & mysticism from Haiti’ on the 31st of october. But I can give you a preview of all the advertising materials we made.

Below you see our commercial for the exhibition. It will be broad casted on regional Amsterdam television (AT5) and National Geographic Channel. Cultural/non-profit institutions can get a cultural discount for advertising on these channels. Why these two channels? Well about 70% of our visitors come from the region Amsterdam, and National Geographic channel is one of the most watched among museum visitors (sorry no source for this).

And off course a lot of outdoor advertising in Amsterdam with a special focus on billboards. We choose the billboards due to the nature of the advertising image. It works best in landscape mode. The idea is that the Vodou army is really getting towards you. These billboards work best for people traveling by car.

Some A0 advertising in the city of Amsterdam for people traveling by bike.

And without examples, small advertisements in the big intellectual newspapers of the Netherlands. Some Google adwords, a great website (still being built at the moment),

We burn away most of the advertising budget in the first two weeks of the exhibition. The reason for this is that at that moment there is the a lot of free publicity present. In these two weeks potential visitors will (hopefully) get more then one impression of the exhibition via advertising and free publicity combined. The more impressions, contact moments, a potential visitor gets the higher this exhibition will be on his mental agenda (in other words: be a choice among the exhibitions/leisure activities someone wants to visit/do).

Some advertising budget is left for small reminders half way the exhibition and at the end of the exhibition.