An anthropological introduction to YouTube

I have found this lecture on marketing blog in the Netherlands. I was rather curious because I work for an ethnographic museum which employs a lot of anthropologists.

This lecture watches as a documentary because of the many movie clips it contains. Because I am not an anthropologists I don’t know what so special on this research in comparison to any other social sciences. But I really liked this lecture. Why? and what is the use for the museum marketing professional?

First of all I think the main message of this lecture is:

‘You tube is a way of expressing yourself to a (un)defined community’

Or to put it another way social websites like Youtube are a part of your identity. And it is very interesting to see how some home made videos are being picked up by large communities. But there are also small communities discussing certain topics ranging from God to Gardening. And that’s where the museum comes in. People are expressing themselves in all kinds of websites like Youtube, Flickr, Facebook etc and they are talking about your museum. And the interesting thing is that I think there are a lot of visitors who really would like to talk about the museum but also with the museum. Social websites are tools of knowing what you customer want but also a way to give them influence or even better let them be a part of your museum community. There are many ways to facilitate these kind of customer/visitor participation. There is so much to say about you could even write a blog about it. A very good blog about this subject is Museum 2.0 by Nina Simon.

Here are the Youtube results of my museum: Tropenmuseum youtube
Here are the Flickr results of my museum: Tropenmuseum flickr